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German Headgear

Here is some of our present stock of German helmets.

 World War 1 at bottom of the page

(Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view)

M35 relic with serious shrapnel damage. Solid shell (what's left of it). Retains large percentage of original smooth paint. Early aluminium liner band. Found near Karelia on the Mannerheim line, scarce of a massive battle on the Russian - Finnish border. After the break-out from Leningrad.


Beautiful private purchase cap. Good size approx. 57/58. Great shape all original. Nice insignia, cockade has split to bottom centre below roundel, otherwise V.G.C.. Brown felt band. Red piping. Two small repairs to overhang (see photo). Padded sides. Nice interior with celluloid diamond. Sweat band with owners initials on small metal discs. High quality cap as you would expect for a party area (Gau) leader. Some light service wear, which adds to it's appeal. Rare. (The title of Gauleiter was first established in 1925. By 1928 Gauleiter had become a nazi paramilitary rank and was eventually the 2nd highest position. Ranking only below the rank of Reichleiter.)


Lovely example of this cap. Very large size 60/62. Nice makers stamp and intact celluloid diamond, RZM label. Nice toning to insignia. All original couple of tears to sweatband, otherwise V.G.C..


Beautiful and interesting cap. Good size 56/57. Twill piping to crown. All original insignia. Lovely maker details to crown. Interestingly this cap is marked "Rotenburg O.T. (Obder Tauber)" on sweat band. A beautiful medieval town painstakingly rebuilt after WW2 due to indiscriminate bombing by American planes after an abortive raid on Stuttgart. Lovely DRKB label. 



A scarce early kepi attributable to Sachsen Gruppe. Green top, some mothing to right side but overall good.Early black/white twill piping.1st pattern cap eagle.Sweat band complete with some service wear.Size 54.
This is the actual kepi featured on page 52 of the E.W.W. FOWLER book NAZI REGALIA.

£475 SOLD


A very striking example of this rare cap. Super saddle shape shape with padded sides and front. Condition near excellent with no moth or damage to cloth. Enamel diamond with slight damage to lower red section otherwise good. Nice eagle . Good clean interior still with celluloid diamond. None maker marked. No RZM label as most likely private purchase. Size 56 approx. Lovely


Another from my personal collection. Correct green with black splotch sprayed camo. ?L64 shell. Pigskin liner with 3 tongue ends detached but present, attached to original drawstring. Owners name "EHRET" applied to apron and liner. Found in Jersey after the war. Rare 2nd line troops helmet.


Good example with excellent decal to 100%. Most original paint present.
Good size 57 liner with all tongues intact and leather supple.Heavy size 64 shell. Owners name applied to left apron above "Q64" but faint. "N231" code to rear apron. No chinstrap. Great honest helmet.
£395 SOLD


A combat helmet from my own collection found at Karelia a few years ago. Good double banded size 56/57 liner with details "SS - JOIGE. G.B.(Gerbirsjager). SS NORD" and owners name to inside. ET 64 shell. Super decal. Field grey shell overpainted with a snow camo which is swathes of white as opposed to an all over camo. All original inc. chinstrap. Leather liner good with all tongues intact. Super "one look" helmet and attributable to a Norwegian volunteer fighting on the Eastern Front.
£2250 SOLD


Rare M40 double decal SS helmet found at Karelia and attributable to SS Gebirsjager Nord mountain division. The helmet is in semi relic condition but is very solid and retains a large percentage of it's original paint. SS runic shield is very good. Party shield is good. One small hole to crown. Interior has what looks like the remains of a piece of toque inside. Some chipping to rim. All that said, this is a great eastern front helmet and an M40 double as opposed to an M35.
£485 SOLD





Eastern front SS helmets. This one is an M35 complete with liner and chinstrap. There is also fragments of the camo helmet cover still adhered to the shell. Good runic shield, good party shield 50%. Solid shell with a blast crack to left side. Good size approx. 64 shell liner present and with early double banded alloy band and square D rings. Original full length chinstrap with alloy buckle. Small hole to apron on left side. Retains good portion of original paint. 100% Russian front original.
£725 SOLD



G268 NAZI POLIZEI DIVISION DOUBLE DECAL M40 HELMET - A stunning helmet from an old collection. Heavy size 64 shell remaining almost all it's rough field grey paint. Sharp bordered police decal, which is almost 100%. Party shield with correct off centre swastika, colours bright. Liner good but with some use wear. Full length original chinstrap. A fantastic helmet of the quality rarely found now.


G267 ORIGINAL NUMBERED PICKLEHAUBE COVER - Original cover for officer or sergeants picklehabe. Good size with fit size 56/57 liner. Faint number 28 to front. Both stiffeners to peaks good. "D.R.P." stamp to rear. Please do not e-mail saying officers did not have numbers on their covers. This one did! 100% original and guaranteed as such. Cover only.
£135 SOLD




G265 M35 LUFTWAFFE DOUBLE DECAL - I just acquired this helmet from a vets family and it’s a cracking “one look” helmet. ET64 shell with 3664 code and retaining most of it’s early smooth blue paint. Droop tail eagle to 80% . Good State shield to 90%. Original liner in good combat worn condition and complete with it’s original draw string. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D- Rings, spring slightly a/f. Full length original chinstrap , broken in one place but stitched together.

Super early helmet just as you want to find them.



G264 MARINE ARTILLERY M43 TROPICAL SKI CAP - A very rare cap in good combat worn condition. Correct navy machine embroidered insignia with sharp detail to eagle. Sweat stained and salty as you would expect from a real tropical cap. Correct grommets , green interior, again correct for this cap. There is a small frayed section about one inch to the back lower edge and some small spots of emulsion ( easily removed) as if someone has been painting with it on otherwise cap is very good . Size 55 approx.

All in all this is a great looking “been there” cap and much rarer than a D.A.K. example .

£695 SOLD


G263 QUICK RELEASE CHINSTRAP FOR STAHLHELM - Very rare item seen on some M18 helmets and inter war political helmets. Good supple leather sprung clip good. Retains D-RINGS.

£160 SOLD


G262 GERMAN OFFICERS YELLOW PIPED VISOR CAP - Fine example of an a signals officers visor cap. Very clean, early tri-cot material with no moth or damage. Good size 56/57. Metal insignia cockade slightly lose but original to cap. Nice inside with light service wear. Part of celluloid missing. Officers name present on paper label. Great shape.



G260 COSSACK VOLUNTEER CAP - Good condition Russian cap for trooper fighting with general Vlasov. Good size 56/57 with quilted cotton lining. Cyrillic script to crown (indistinct). Good condition lambs wool body with no moth or loss. Green velvet crown with gold cross. Original to cap metal cockade and eagle with good sharp detail. Very nice overall with minor use wear. Scarce.

£365 SOLD



A scarce N.C.O.'s crusher cap with copper brown piping for Mechanised Reconnaissance / Motorcycle Personnel. Good size 57/58 .Condition is very good with some light sweat staining to leather band and one small moth nip to crown,otherwise A.1..Correct soft leather peak Good condition lining with some colour fading.Great shape and look,a cap with loads of attitude !

£750 SOLD


G254 NSKK STURZHELM - A very good large size first pattern leather crash helmet for the NSKK. This has the best eagle I’ve ever had on one of these. Very sharp detail. Outside leather very good and retaining almost all it’s finish. Ear and neck flaps unusually very good although the strap end is broken. Buckle present. Approx. size 58/59. Maker marked to inside “FRITZ KOHLMEIER - AME”, also owners name applied in ink. Tongue ends intact. Part of leather drawstring present. This one with no top cushion pad and no evidence of ever having on. Great example.

£465 SOLD


G253 ARMY SINGLE DECAL - Good m40 combat helmet offered at a modest price. Heavy shell retaining most of it’s original field grey paint. Decal present to 30%. Liner frail in parts with damage to some tongue ends. Total all original “been there” example at a great price.

£275 SOLD


G251 ARMY SINGLE DECAL M40 TROPICAL CAMO HELMET - A rare thing these days, a real camo!! Super looking combat helmet. Helmet with evidence of Afrika tan vehicle paint then over-painted again in the tan/green associated with Italy. All original sleepy helmet full length original chinstrap. Good condition size 58 liner with all tongue ends intact. Remains of army decal. Camo remaining to 70% owners initials to crown sensible price for the real deal.

£995 SOLD


G250 LUFTWAFFE M43 SKI CAP - Nice condition cap. One piece trapezoid insignia. Stamped to inside LACO 1943 - 57. Some use wear otherwise very good. Came with the flak artillery tunic in army uniform section.

£295 SOLD


G249 LUFTWAFFE AFRIKA KORPS SUN HELMET - 1ST pattern cork sun helmet in good "been there" condition. Cloth good with nice light sun bleached finish. Orange coloured lining. Nice sweat stained leather band. Good chinstrap. Large size 57/58. Insignia good, very sharp Luftwaffe eagle which appears to be silver. Complete with it's original sand goggles.


G248 NSKK OFFICERS SIDE CAP - Stunning example . Large size 59/60. Correct NSKK buttons to front. Silver piped for officers with 3 pips to left side. RZM label nice and clear. Very sharp insignia, no moth or damage. Very clean.
£425 SOLD


G247 RAD OFFICERS SIDE CAP -Very good , clean example. Large size approx 57/58.Sharp bullion insignia. Nicely stamped inside “RAD BA 1940 -58 (size), No moth or damage.
£295 SOLD


G245 SS TOTENKOPF M40 RELIC - A super battle field find from the TK positions at Demjansk. Although in relic condition., this is a super helmet with two camo cover clips still attached to shell. Also the bordered 1st pattern runic shield is intact to 85/90% and looks great. Liner dry but present, also with the helmet comes remains of newspaper hich was found inside the liner, presumably to help keep the soldier warm. Battle damage to left side. Super poignant piece from the Demjansk pocket.
£850 SOLD


G243 ARMY M35 COMBAT HELMET - BATTLE DAMAGED - A good combat used example brought back by an American vet in the Normandy campaign (operation cobra). ET 64 shell with remains of army decal. Field grey shell with evidence of some black over-spray and what looks like a name to rear outside of shell. Liner good combat used condition with one damaged tongue end. Original drawstring . Shrapnel hit which has not pierced the shell to rear. Although heat from projectile has burnt the surrounding paint. Cracking battle field pick up bought straight from the vet.



G242 GERMANHELMET CHINSTRAP - A rare genuine example, full length with aluminium buckle. Nice supple condition.


G241 GERMAN M40 VOLKSTURM HELMET - Very rare helmet with well painted Adler similar to army decal to front. Liner congealed and rotted in parts. One helmet pin missing. Large ET66 shell. Retaining most of it’s original slate grey paints. A helmet with this eagle to front is featured in the Weind / Goodapple book and is I believe, attributed to Volksturm or officer cadets. Rare helmet.
£395 SOLD


G240 SS PANZER SIDE CAP - A super combat worn example of the black overseas cap. Good size approx. 58. Correct SS eagle to side. Pebble skull button to front. SS/RZM label to inside. Service wear to nape of cloth commensurate with wearing of headphones. 2 small moth nips. Super “been there” example from the eastern front.
£1150 SOLD


G239 SS DOUBLE DECAL M35 EASTERN FRONT HELMET - A fine example of a early war SS combat helmet found in a farm building used as a field hospital by SS Niederland. This is a real “been there” helmet with remains of white snow camo and field grey over original apple green. Quist size 64 shell, 514 to rear apron. Early double banded aluminium liner band, square D rings. Liner good and supple with all tongue ends intact. Rare to find a genuine double deal these days.
£995 SOLD


G238 SS M35 RUSSIAN FRONT SINGLE DECAL HELMET - Good solid shell with couple of pin holes to crown. Liner complete. Remains of toque stuck to inside apron. 1st pattern runic shield. Bunker found. Genuine eastern front helmet.


G237 M35 SINGLE DECAL HELMET- Super all original un-messed with helmet. Large size “NS66” shell. Good size 57 liner with all tongue ends good. Some service wear. Sharp army (Kreigsmarine?) decal. Original full length maker marked chinstrap. Details faded but 1940 date clear. One helmet pin not tight but has been like that during it’s working life. Total “one look” helmet.


G232 AFRIKA KORPS SINGLE DECAL BATTLE DAMAGE - Rare to find a battle damaged DAK helmet. M40 single decal in tan camo probably from Tunisia. In and out bullet hole and crack and slight distortion from blast. Liner band present. Interesting piece.
£275 SOLD


G231 LUFTSCHUTZ HELMET - Very nice example. Good sharp decal with only minor abrasions. Most pint finish remaining and retaining original colour. Very clean three pad liner with all tongue ends intact. Good chinstrap. Nice clear label to rear apron. Size 57. All original.
£140 SOLD


G229 CAMO HELMET NET - String net of late war manufacture for use in France. Tan string . No fixings. Tucks up into liner band. Found in Lorraine old wartime requisitioned house. The real deal.


G226 ARMY M42 SINGLE DECAL - Very nice example retaining most of it’s original finish. Army decal 70%. Size 64 shell double stamped “NS 64 - 4393” to rear apron. Good liner size 57/58. Full length original chinstrap. Good honest of a combat helmet.
£425 SOLD


G218 1945 DATED FLAK BATTERY BEADED HELMET - A superb example of a very late war beaded helmet. Slate grey paint finish. Sharp, thin edge to visor and droop part of apron. Clear unit marking to shell “FLAK ABT 7001”. There is also a name in Germanic script to the apron. Good large size 58 liner, shich is R.B. numbered with 1945 date. Cloth liner good. Comes with it’s original scarce late war plastic chinstrap. A very evocative piece clearly reflecting the material shortages within the Reich by this time. Super helmet.
£295 SOLD


G209 LUFTWAFFE FIELD DIVISION M40 SINGLE DECAL - Good combat example by Quist. Usual heavy Quist helmet - size 64. Shell retaining most of it’s original finish with a few minor abrasions. Decal 90% complete. Original chinstrap, original good condition liner. This liner has two names inside “PAUL”. Next to this has been written then scored out “HE IS DEAD”. The other name “WULLE” has “HE IS DEAD” beside it. Obviously the declaration as to the health of the wearer was prior to going through his pockets and establishing his correct identity. Some emulsion spray to shell (easily removed), otherwise cracking helmet from American yard sale.



G195 M35 ARMY SINGLE DECAL WHITE CAMO - Russian front combat helmet in all over white camo. Very large size 68. N.S. shell. Army decal clearly visible under paint. Liner age darkened indicating probably bunker recovered, leather good although springs detached. Good original aluminium buckle chinstrap. Inside good with owners name(s) to apron. There is also a name on the liner. Some small chips to helmets edge. A super genuine eastern front helmet recovered from the 12th army positions near Demjansk.

G183 ALGGMEINE MANS VISOR CAP - Early NCO/MANS visor cap. Large size 59. Good shape. White piped. Clear runic symbol to inside crown. Celluloid diamond absent. RZM label good 7 clear. Sweatband with some tears. High quality original insignia which is the sharpest I have seen. Peak with SS stamp to underside. Good chinstrap. 100% original with use ear. Small 1 cm area of damage to crown. Overall condition fair to good. Great looking honest cap. Modest price.

£ 1350 SOLD



Super rare helmet being the state police group general Goring which consisted of NSDAP members. This one is a M16 Austrian with screened air vents and correct medium green parade finish (see pages 247 & 248 Ludwig Baer - History of the German steel helmet). Large size with original paint finish to 85%, 5cm mobile swastika to right side with only minor abrasion and tilted. 5cm. State shield which is almost complete. Great condition 3 pad linen, size 57 with owners name applied in ink. Leather liner band, quick release chin strap. Scarce excellent condition. A super helmet, rarely available.

£895 SOLD

World War 1 Headgear

WW1 German camo helmet with extreme battle damage. Wouldn't like to have been wearing this one. Shell only.

£395 SOLD



Scarce state pickle with all original to helmet parts. Good shape. Size 55. Grey metal fittings. Removable spike with striker on base. Vented back spike.Correct cockades. Good interior with faint makers details and date ,(1916 ? ). Nice plate with no damage.



G246 PRUSSIAN FELT ERSATZ PICKLEHAUBE & ORIGINAL COVER - Fantastic vet bringback which I have had in my personal collection for over 25 years. Green felt body in very good condition.Nice combat worn approx size 56/57 liner. nice and supple with some sweat staining to lower edge and brow area.Original leather drawstring. Nice brass fittings.Original chinstrap.Original cockades.
Helmet cover with "R109" in cloth over another number suggesting a regiment change. One of the five clips missing otherwise very good. Stain to left side,possibly blood. Rare nowadays to find a completely all original example.
£650 SOLD


G128 -SAXON N.C.O’s PICKLEHAUBE - Leather skull still with nice shiny original patent finish. very good overall with some light crazing to front and back peaks .Brass fittings good. Officer type brass chin scales and large cockades. Nice sharp bi-metal State shield. Very good liner withal tongues undamaged. Front and back peaks with owners name. Size 56. Good clean helmet with all original parts.

£ 750 SOLD