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British Badges

Click on the Images to see larger picture:-

Beautiful large size example with nice age toning. Unusual hinged silder with locking button. Measures 4 inches high.


Lovely kings crown example. Unmarked silver. 4-piece construction officers cap badge. Nice age patina.


Good heavy cast nickel example. Early pin. Circa 1908. Nice age patina.


BM160 2ND ADMIN FORFAR / ANGUS RIFLE VOLS. SHAKO PLATE CENTRE - Very rare H.P.C. circa 1864-1882. Very nice condition. Later become part of the Black Watch.


BM159 2ND ADMIN FORFAR / ANGUS RIFLE VOLS. OFFICERS CROSSBELT BADGE - Super rare item circa 1864-82. Heavy cast bronze either from pouch or cross belt. Later became battalion of the Black Watch.



BM158 1914 SILVER H/M CAMERONIANS OFFICERS BADGE - A beautiful very sharp detail example with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1914. Hallmarks within mouth of bugle. Silver lugs to rear, one is a replacement expertly jeweller done. No rubbing high points.



BM157 TERRITORIAL W/M ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE - Very nice example of a WW1 all white metal territorial’s cap badge c/w original red felt backing.



BM156 CZECHS IN ENGLAND - Light metal badge used by Czechs fighting from this country in WW2. Czech lion over crossed cannons with “ENGLAND - CZECKOSLOVAK ARTILLERY”. Pin back. Nicely toned. Rare.



BM155 COLDSTREAM GUARDS OFFICERS CAP BADGE, SILVER & GILT - A beautiful example in diamond cut unmarked silver. Enamel very good. Brass central backing plate.



BM154 SCOTTISH CADETS RARE OFFICERS BADGE - A beautiful and rare example of this early badge. 4-piece construction. Heavy cast nickel with gilded titles and lion. 3 lugs to reverse.



BM153 105TH LANARK RIFLE VOLS CAP BADGE - Rare badge with sharp detail St. Andrew to centre. Strap to outside with Gaelic motto. Correct pin back. Sharp detail. Became part of the Cameronians.


BM151 WELSH GUARDS PAGRI BADGE - Cracking scarce badge still with it‘s red felt backing cloth. Some rubbing to high points. V.G. C.


BM150 23RD LONDON TERRITORIAL CAP BADGE - Scarce badge nicely toned. Slider. £55
BM148 HLI SILVER / TORTOISESHELL SWEETHEART - Nice example with ww1 hallmarks and “PAIGNE”. £48
Some WW1 pink polish still evident. Nice strike. £58


BM146 ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS CAP BADGE - Scarce non bi-metal example in unmarked silver. North & south lugs. Un-cleaned. £95
BM145 GEORGE WATSONS COLLEGE OTC - Nice strike. Nice heavy example. £48
BM144 HIGHLAND CYCLISTS CAP BADGE - GAUNT - Super example with J.R. GAUNT LONDON brass plaque. Nicely toned, un-cleaned. Shaped to cap. Lovely. £150
BM143 LONDON SCOTTISH OFFICERS BADGE - Heavy cast silver plate officers badge. Sporran badge size, very sharp detail. £150
BM142 PLASTIC WW2 HOME GUARD - Nice example pin back. Stamped “A. STANLEY & SONS WALSALL - PROU. PAT. 1 A”. Near mint. £60
BM141 5TH V.B. H.L.I. VICTORIAN CAP BADGE - Lovely sharp strike. Nice toning to rear. Top scrolls “GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS”. Bottom scrolls “5TH V.B. HLI”. Victorian crown. £150
BM140 ARMY MEDICAL STAFF HELMET PLATE - Rare staff helmet plate with Indian imperial crown. Circa 1850-1880. 3 piece construction. Very sharp strike. Last shako badge. £165


BM139 SPECIAL CONSTABLE SURRY ARM BAND - Very nice wartime armband - lovely clear stitching. Two moth nips to front, one to back. £58
BM138 RARE WW1 JEWISH CHAPLAINS BADGE - Blackened brass, cast. Lugs slightly pinched. £185
BM137 BRITISH UNION OF FASCISTS MEDAL - Very rare item. Enamel good, original ribbon. Stamped on rear “REG. APPD FOR”. £120 SOLD
BM136 ARMY DENTAL CURPS OFFICERS CAP BADGE - Nice example by Gaunt London. Cast as opposed to die struck. £55
BM135 LOWLAND REG. CAP BADGE - Very nice strike. Nice toning. Good to see a genuine example. £68
BM133 2V.B. EAST LANCASHIRE CAP BADGE - Beautiful rare badge in white metal. Blank tablet and with “SOUTH AFRICA 1900-02”scrool. V.G.C. £60
BM132 AYRSHIRE YEOMANRY OFFICER CAP BADGE - Unusual 2-piece example. Thin slider. V.G.C. £125
BM131 4TH ROYAL IRISH DRAGOON GUARDS CAP BADGE - Nice un-cleaned example. Solder holes for scroll. £45
BM130 WESTMINSTER DRAGOONS OFFICERS CAST SILVER CAP BADGE - Nice sharp example. Unmarked silver . Silver lugs. £78
BM129 VICTORIAN KINGS LIVERPOOL GLENGARRY BADGE - The real deal. Some light service wear. Nice age patina. £98
BM128 CITY OF EDINBURGH BOMBER SQUADRON PIPERS BADGE - A super rare badge circa 1930-1950. Badge would appear to be copper. Nice detail with Edinburgh castle surmounted by RAF eagle. Scrolls below with “CITY OF EDINBURGH BOMBER SQUADRON”. Top and bottom lugs, top absent. £295
BM127 PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS (Black Watch) 1916 BADGE - Nice example retaining lovely age patina. Lugs present but bent. Part of the Black Watch. £85
BM126 MIDDLESEX VOLUNTEERS BRASS CAP BADGE - Super example of this badge. 2 lugs. Nice sharp detail. NO rubbing. £98
BM125 ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS CAP BADGE - Super 2-piece example by J.R. Gaunt. Slider. £55
BM124 CONNAUGHT RANGERS CAP BADGE - WW1 example by J.R.Gaunt. £45
BM123 BLACK WATCH ASSOC. LAPEL BADGE - Very nice with no damage to enamel maker marked “J. R. GAUNT LONDON” £42


BM121 TYNESIDE IRISH CAP BADGE - Scarce badge, nice sharp strike. Two lugs. £68


BM120 CINQUE PORTS OFFICERS POST 1908 CAP BADGE - Silver plate/enamel with slider. V.G.C. £150
BM119 75TH (Gordons) OFFICERS BADGE - Super die struck heavy silver plate example. Very sharp detail especially the tiger. Rare. £195
BM118 4TH DONSIDE (GORDONS) CAP BADGE - Rare o/r's cap badge. Cast white metal. Good detail.


BM117 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS VICTORIAN SILVER PLATED PLAID BROOCH WITH VOLUNTEER SCROLL - Nice early bevelled back plaid brooch. Good sharp detail. Volunteer scroll with erased detail for use in a reguar battalion by former volunteer soldier. Good stout original pin.


BM116 4TH MIDDLESEX RIFLE VOLUNTEERS POUCH BADGE - Super white metal example with 2 screw fixings to rear. Still attached to piece of pouch leather.


BM114 1ST ARMOURED MOTOR BATTERY BADGE - The real deal and as such very rare. Great detail. £175
BM113 36TH OF FOOT - 2ND WORCS VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE - Lovely example still with green felt centre pad. Very scarce. £150 SOLD
BM112 6TH INNISKILLING DRAGOONS PAGRI BADGE - Lovely heavy cast example. Sharp detail. Stout pin to rear. £150
BM111 1ST VOL. BTN DORSETSHIRE SILVER BADGE - Nice unmarked silver example. Sharp detail. Light service wear. £150
BM110 VICTORIAN KOSB SGT. BADGE - GAUNT - Super example Victorian crown large size. Nice toning. Gaunt London tablet to back. £85


BM109 LINCOLNSHIRE YEOMANRY - Nice sharp example. £35
BM107 TONBRIDGE SCHOOL OTC. Nice example, lugs. £35


BM106 HEREFORD REGIMENT - Nice example. £10
BM105 3RD CITY OF LONDON YEOMANRY - Super example, sharp detail. £35


BM104 21ST COUNTY OF LONDON - Cracking example, sharp detail. £35


BM103 DERBYSHIRE VOLUNTEER REG. HOME GUARDS BADGE - Very rare WW2 home guard cap badge. Marked “THOS. FATTORINI - BOLTON” £120
BM102 LONDON SCOTTISH SILVER PAGRI BADGE - Very scarce badge. Stamped “sterling”. Nice fretting. Stout pin. £120
BM100 BORDER MOUNTED RIFLES SLOUCH HAT BADGE - Boar war period - 3 lugs. Scarce! £110
BM99 SEDBURGH O.T.C. - 2 lugs, brass, V.G.C. £36
BM96 SHRESBURY O.T.C. - Bronze, 2 blades to reverse, V.G.C. £36
BM95 ETON O.T.C. - Two blades to reverse, V.G.C. £36
BM94 MONMOUTHSHIRE CAP BADGE - Unusual solid centre V.G.C. £55
BM93 WW2 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS BADGE - Lovely sleepy example, Un-cleaned with lovely toning. 3-piece construction. Sharp detail. Super looking badge.


BM92 9CT. GOLD H/M BRITISH LEGION LAPEL BADGE - Obviously presented or bought for some high heid yin. Beautiful and rare.
£65 SOLD


BM91 HLI BLANK SCROLL VOLUNTEER BATTALIONS BADGE - Lovely motto erased example. Faint “SOUTH AFRICA 1900” motto to scroll officially removed for 4th, 5th & 6th battalions. Scarce.


BM90 KOSB FRETTED OFFICERS / N.C.O.’S BADGE - Beautifully fretted example. Sharp detail, former property of piper/pipe Sgt.


BM89 SILVER KOSB OFFICERS / PIPERS BADGE - Nice unmarked silver example with some light rubbing to high points. Very sharp detail. Former property of a piper along with the other KOSB badge listed.


BM88 GALLOWAY RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS HEADDRESS BADGE -A beautiful fully fretted example of an officers badge to this unit who later became part of the K.O.S.B. .Scarcer Kings Crown ,maker marked “B&P” .Silver hallmarks for Birmingham.
I have never seen an officers cap badge so I would class this as very rare.
£450 SOLD



BM87 13TH OF FOOT CAST CAP BADGE - Very nice detail badge. Heavy cast, possibly silver. Correct early lugs. Rare.


BM86 K.O.S.B. SILVER PLATED POST ‘52 OFFICERS CAP BADGE - Very nice, fully fretted example, nice plating.


BM85 BORDER RIFLE VOLUNTEERS VICTORIAN CAP BADGE - A super condition and very rare badge. This is the real deal. Dark finish. Strap with “BORDER RIFLE VOLUNTEERS”. Small motto “DOE OR DIE” over Victorian crown on heart. Slight twist to one side, otherwise very good.


BM84 2ND VOL. BTN K.O.S.B. BONNET BADGE - Very rare piece being a Victorian O/R’s badge with volunteer scroll. Scroll reads “2ND VOLUNTEER BTT LN”. Sharp detail. Condition near excellent and the real deal. (2ND BTN base at Berwick.)


BM83 3RD DUKE OF LANCASTERS OWN HELMET PLATE CENTRE / PAGRI BADGE - Beautiful silver plated helmet plate centre. Period fitted with long pin brooch. Most probably for use as pagri badge. Nice sharp detail. Centre cypher in relief.


BM82 T6 (KEITH) GORDONS SHOULDER TITLE - Scarce 6th (Keith) shoulder title. Good condition. £55


BM81 T4 SEAFORTH SHOULDER TITLE - Scarce white metal territorial title in perfect condition. £58


BM80 T10 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH SHOULDER TITLE - Scarce large shoulder title to the Liverpool jocks, 3 lugs to rear. £58


BM79 Pair T8 ARGYLLS WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE - Very nice matched pair of the scarce white metal territorial titles, 3 lugs to rear. Condition near excellent apart from the top lug on one title is missing. £105


BM78 SUBMARINE MINERS SWAGGER STICK - Very rare walking out cane to this small elite unit who mined coastal estuaries in Scotland and possibly England. 27 inch approx. long. Cane retaining it’s original finish with nice age patina. Original brass tip. Nickel silver top. V.G.C. and with good un-rubbed regimental device.£85 SOLD 

BM77 BISHOPSGATE OTC WALKING OUT CANE - A very rare item being a swagger stick circa WW1 to this OTC unit. 28 inch approx. long with nice age patina to original finish. Brass tip. Nickel silver top. Good overall. One largish dent to right side and a few of the usual small ones detail one badge very sharp with no rubbing.


BM76 ROYAL RENFREW MILITIA FORAGE CAP BADGE - Very rare 2-piece badge later became 4th Argylls in 1881. V.G.C. £295


BM75 2ND ADMIN BN. FORFAR OR ANGUS R.V. SHAKO PLATE - A very rare badge circa 1864-82. Star with crest of Scotland to centre. I also have a bronze cross belt/pouch badge which came with this badge.
Pouch badge £150


BM74 KELVINSIDE ACADEMY O.T.C. BADGE - Very genuine example as per Cameronians with “K.A.” to top. Sharp detail, nice toning. The real deal and priced accordingly.
£235 SOLD


BM73 4TH, 5TH, 6TH & 7TH BLACK WACH GLENGARRY BADGE - Rare post 1908 o/r’s as per regulars but no sphinx. Known as the “rocking horses S.T.” badge because of it’s rarity. This is the genuine article and priced accordingly. Old lead solder re-lug.


BM72 1ST V.B. BLACK WATCH BRONZE OFFICERS 1901-08 GLENGARRY BADGE - Super rare badge introduced for use with khaki but very short lived. Small die-struck example. Nice sharp detail. Tablet at bottom with “1ST V.B.”.


BM71 4TH V.B. CAMERONIANS RARE POST 1887 EXAMPLE - Nice toning. Hugh King collection. H.Q. at cathedral street Glasgow. Again priced for a real badge.


BM70 6TH KEITH V.B. GORDON HLDRS CAP BADGE - Super example of this very rare badge. Scroll with “6TH VBGH”. from the Hugh King collection (K&K)


BM69 5TH V.B. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS GLENGARRY BADGE - A rare genuine example circa 1887-1908. As per regular badge but with additional scroll with “5TH VOLUNTEER BATT”. This is the real deal and not one of the thousands of fakes on the go. Not cheap but if you are buying one for less it is probably wrong. 5th A & S.H. based at Dunoon. From the Hugh King (K&K) collection.
£ 325


BM68 AYRSHIRE YEOMANRY OFFICERS SILVER AND GILT CAP BADGE - 2-piece construction, diamond cut so nice glittery look near mint.
£120 SOLD


BM65 93RD HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE - Victorian O/R’s brass cap badge worn on the feather bonnet 1837-56.(K&K567)


BM63 WW1 BRASS ECONOMY ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILVERS CAP BADGE - Scarce badge and c/w green felt shamrock backing cloth.


BM62 BLACK WATCH PIPE MAJORS / OFFICERS SILVER SPHINX - An unmarked cast silver example. Sharp detail. Scarce circa WW1.


BM61 42ND HIGHLANDERS - BLACK WATCH FEATHER BONNET BADGE - A pre 1881 brass bonnet badge (K&K494). Nice condition.


BM60 4TH DONSIDE HLD. VOL. BN. GORDON HIGHRS - Beautiful and very rare to find a genuine one of these! Cast white metal with very sharp detail. O/R’s cap badge. Nice sleepy example, from old collection
£260 SOLD


BM59 DULWICH COLLEGE O.T.C. - Very nice small size bronze cap badge. Circa WW1. Near mint example. Two logs to rear.


BM58 CAMERONS WW1 SILVER/TORTOISESHELL SWEETHEART - Very well made example with badge of Scotland with “CAMERON” scroll below. Back with “silver” and hallmark. Good brooch pin. These are usually a bit crude, not this one! Very sharp detail.


BM57 5TH CAMERONIANS CAP BADGE - Nice condition scarce badge mullet with bugle below with voided “S”. Enclosed within thistle wreath slider.


BM55 DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS CAP BADGE - Nice strike O/R’s cap badge as per Argylls but with Dumbarton coat of arms of elephant and howdah. £125
BM54 SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS DIAMOND CUT SILVER & GILT CAP STAR - Very nice 2 piece example in unmarked silver. Gilt centre with undamaged green enamel. Pin to back to remove centre. Diamond cut star with nice “glittery” effect. £88
BM53 JEWISH BRIGADE CAP BADGE - Super example and unusually still with maroon backing cloth. £98 SOLD
BM52 PEEBLES SPECIAL CONSTABULARY - Scarce unmarked silver badge complete with red & fawn backing cloth. £110
BM51 SCOTS GUARDS PIPER & MAJORS BADGE - Nice frosted silver finish example as worn by the pipe major. 2 lugs to rear. £125
BM50 SCARCE WW2 PARA PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE - Nice example with no distortion blades to rear good. £110
BM49 1ST ARGYLL HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLS CAP BADGE - Nicely struck example, as per A&S.H. but with different details to strap. 2 strong lugs to rear. V.G.C. £175
BM48 SOUTH STAFFS WW2 PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE - Nice example of this scarce plastic north and south blades to rear. V.G.C. £95
BM47 SEAFORTH OFFICERS 3-PIECE SILVER BADGE - A beautiful example with jewellers tablet with “W.M. ANDERSON & SON LTD EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW”. Also with “sterling - silver” on rear. Nice detail, slight rubbing to high points but retaining nice age patina. Fitted to original tartan diamond. £295 SOLD
BM46 LEICESTER BRONZE OFFICERS CAP BADGE - Very nice detail officers badge retaining original finish. Slider back. £48
BM45 WW1 BRONZE OFFICERS R. DUBLIN FUSILIERS CAP BADGE - Very nice example retaining finish. 3-piece construction. 3 lugs. £58
BM44 25TH COUNTY OF LONDON CYCLISTS - A WW1 brass example with 25 over spoked wheel. Slider back. £38
BM43 78TH SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN CAP BADGE - Nice example with Vic. Crown. Nice age patina. V.G.C. £68
BM42 2ND NORTHUMBERLAND (PERCY) ARTILLERY VOLS. HELMET PLATE - Nice silver finish officers example. 3 lugs to rear, bent but firm. Scarce. £125 SOLD
BM41 WW2 INNISKILLINGS - Very nice O/R’s example, slider back. £35
BM40 WHITE METAL INNISKILLINGS - Pre WW1 O/R’s badge. Scarce in white metal. Slider back. £55
BM39 5TH BLACK WATCH OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE - Rare badge with very sharp detail with no rubbing. Stamped to back “silver - 925” which is a very high quality of silver. Only officers example I have ever had. £350
BM37 TYNESIDE SCOTTISH CAP BADGE - Rare badge, much copied. This is the real deal. £225
BM36 9TH HLI GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE -Nice detail, no rubbing. £36
BM35 KOSB WHITE FACED SWEETHEART - No damage, nice detail brooch back. £55
BM34 BLACK WATCH RARE WW2 PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE - Nice condition, no distortion, badges good, beware, plastics are now being copied, mine are the real thing unlike most on eBay. £220
BM33 SCOTS GREY BACK BADGE - Silver back badge for busby great detail, scarce. £125
BM30 VICTORIAN KOSB HELMET PLATE -Victorian crown, nice age patina, scarce. £160
BM29 HLI WHITE FACED SWEET HEART - No damage, nice detail, brooch pin. £55
B&M 22 QUEENS ROYAL HUSSARS OFFICERS CAP BADGE - Beautiful detail, un-issued, maker marked “FIRMIN”

£ 20


B&M21 ROYAL SCOTS PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE - Rare, good condition, maker marked.

£ 120


BM18 SECTION OF ARTILLERY BADGES, HELMET PLATES ETC. - All genuine, includes Victorian O/R helmet plate, post 1901 officers gilt helmet plate, HAC busby grenade and various officers and O/R’s cap badges inc. Malta, territorial, HAC, gilt Woolwich etc. Also various collars and shoulder titles (38 items). Most V.G.C.

£ 395


BM17 BLACK WATCH WW1 BRASS CAP BADGE - Scarce WW1 economy brass cap badge. c/w correct original tartan patch. One lug period replaced. Nice example.

£ 75 SOLD


£ 36, 385, 18, 32, 12, 55, 68, 75, 130, 175, 95, 68, 95, 17, 16, 20, 15, 15, 38, 125 


BM14 PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS - 4TH BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE - Scarce badge, white metal, long lugs, no rubbing.

£ 32

BM12 SEAFORTHS WW1&WW2 GROUP - S-27074 PTE. A. L. IRELAND SEAFORTH - mounted on original bar. Original box and medal paper 2nd war medal group in original box named to A. IRELAND and address containing war & defence medals in original paper packets and award slip. Lovely mint group.

£ 110 SOLD


BM11 GORDONS SNCO’S/OFFICERS CAP BADGE - Very nice WW1 example. Good detail and condition. Jewellers tablet to back (Anderson).

£ 80


BM10 GALLOWAY RIFLE VOLUNTEERS CAP BADGE - Very rare. Genuine article.

£ 195


BM9 WW1 PAIR - HIGHLAND CYCLISTS - 1480 CPL. J. WILLIAMSON HIGHL. CYC. BN. Also imperial service award badge, contained in original metal edged box. Rare.

£ 165



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