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N172 WAR MERIT CROSS IN ORIGINAL PACKET - Nice condition with full length ribbon. Maker marked packet “FRANZ JUNGWIRTH - WIEN”.



N171 INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE - Good honest silver grade worn on tunic example retains some original finish. Heavy alloy. Maker marked “L/58”.



N170 SS SHOOTING COMPETITION DAY BADGE - Rare tinny by Carl Peter of Schmal Kalden. Shooting completion for 57 SS standarte (Thuringen).



N169 1937 DRESDEN DAY BADGE - Scarce sharp detail tinny. Retains almost all original finish.

£45 SOLD


N168 MIESSEN DAY BADGE - Very rare “tinny”. This one actually in aluminium alloy. Bears the Miessen crossed swords with GAUMOCHE 1937”. Nicely maker marked to rear “K.WURSTER MARK EUKIRCHEN - i. Sa”.



N167 1939 STETTIN DAY BADGE - Nice detail with maker details for “PAULMANN & CRONE - LUDENSCHEID”. Rare.




N166 DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE CLOTH DAY BADGE - Beautiful and rare embroidered day badge. Stamped to rear “GAU-TREFFEN GELSENKIRCHEN 1936” and maker marked “DR. R. MORRISSE & CO. - W. ELBERFELD”. Gelsenkirchen is a small town near Dortmund.

£68 SOLD

N165 BOXED HORSE RIDERS BADGE AND STICKPIN - Very rare find being a boxed horse riders award. Stick pin with knurled pin and makers details “GES. GESCH. L.CHR. LAUER - NURNBERG - BERLIN”. Contained in original card box with has some light foxing to white back otherwise A.1..



N164 BOXED SILVER BOMBER CLASP - A beautiful example, un-maker marked and retaining most of it’s original frosting box near excellent. Comes with letter of authenticity for both items (box & award) from Detlev Niemann.



N163 CARD OF ASSMANN LUFTWAFFE STICK PINS - Lovely old shop stock find. Card of 6 droop tail Luftwaffe eagles. Correct knurled pin. Card with some light foxing otherwise A.1.. Stamped shop details for Konigstein / Elbe.



N162 SS COURT MOUNTED MEDAL GROUP - Lovely set of 4 medals comprising, EK2, Russian front, SS 8 year and Luftschutz. According to German vendor, SS man was wounded on the eastern front and later serviced with the Luftschutz as he was unfit to return to front line service. Ost front medal an early example. SS medal with teardrop suspender. Ribbons all original with some dirt from use.

£475  SOLD


N161 BOXED GOLD WOUND BADGE - Very nice example retaining most of it’s finish. Coke bottle pin. Maker marked L/14. Nice original box with good hinge and clip.

£225 SOLD


N160 EARLY STAHLHELM BUCKLE - Scarce example retaining most of it’s field grey paint.



N159 BOXED 1ST OCTOBER MEDAL WITH PRAGUE BAR - Nice unworn example. Boxe lid with some light fading. Prague bar present but has never been attached to ribbon. Good hinge and catch. Ribbon with pin to rear. Box with maker details “HAUPTMUNZAMT WIEN III”. From east German house clearance.



N158 COMPLETE CARD OF 12 ASSMANN DROOP TAIL CAP EAGLES - Lovely find, un-issued on original shop card. Card with some foxing otherwise A.1..



N157 WEST WALL MEDAL IN DE-LUXE BOX - Common medal, rare in a quality box. Box good with some scuffing to cloth.

£105  SOLD


N156 HITLER YOUTH MARKSMANS SHOOTING AWARD - Nice example with good undamaged enamel. Back with RZM and M1/63 code. “one look” example. Please note this is the “SCHARFSCHUTZEN” as opposed to the standard shooting award.



N155 CHILDRENS NAZI PARTY BADGE - Very rare badge. This one with excellent enamel. “GES GESCH” marked to rear.



N154 HITLER YOUTH SPORTS AWARD - Nice example, marked to rear M1/101 and RZM no. 249553. Some light use wear otherwise A.1..



N151 BLOCKADE RUNNERS AWARD C/W STICKPIN & CASE - Lovely vet bringback from Norway. Award and stickpin both contained in their original case. Award maker marked "FEC.OTTO PLACZEK BERLIN - AUSF.SCHERIN BERLIN".
£495  SOLD


N150 POLITZEI BELT AND BUCKLE -Lovely example and both items original to each other. Super aluminium 2 - piece buckle with very well defined detail. Belt is RZM numbered 0/0355/0018, also number 95 to curved edge. Both items retaining their original finish.
£160 SOLD


N149 SS BELT BUCKLE - Super aluminium example with very sharp detail and high relief. SS/RZM stamped as well as maker marked & dated 155/39. As nice as they come.


N148German medical tin - Medical or similar tin. Nice condition.


N147 SS MANS BELT & BUCKLE - Steel belt buckle with 75% of original finish SS/RZM stamped and marked & dated 155/40. On it’s original belt. I am selling this as it came to me but it should clean up nicely. Buckle with sharp detail and high relief. Modest price for a real SS belt.


N146 EARLY SS / SA BELT & BUCKLE - Super rare early Nazi period buckle. Large brass swastika in high relief on WW1 type brass buckle. Brown leather belt with brass hook. Buckle still retaining a good part of it’s original black background paint. 100% original and evident in early period photos.
£295  SOLD


N145 1ST CLASS SPANGE - Nice early heavy example of the bar to the iron cross 1st class. Good quality silver with light polishing to high points but no wear. Stout pin to reverse. Maker details L/22.


N143 ARMY PARATROPER BADGE - Very rare army para badge in aluminium. Very sharp detail as you would expect from JUNEKER BERLIN. Most finish remaining. Hook missing as is usual on these badges. Otherwise A.1.


N142 NSDAP ENAMEL SIGN - Nice enamel sign from building. Measures approx 14x20 inches. Good condition.
£195   SOLD


N141 FLYING HITLERS - Forget your 3 flying ducks for the wall. Nice rare wartime set. One has lost his head at one time but nicely re -affixed (see photo). Very rare set. Just what you need for the living room wall.
£195   SOLD


N140 ADOLF HITLER BRONZE SIGNED BUST - Very high quality bust measuring nice and a half inches bronze on a five inche heavy marble base (total height fourteen and a half inches approx.). Condition is excellent with nice age patina. No chips to marble plinth. Nice clear signature "F.BERBERICH".
£595  SOLD


N137 BAVARIAN WW1 BELT BUCKLE - Very good condition state buckle “IN TREUE FEST” motto. £88
N136 WW1 WURTEMBURG BELT BUCKLE - Unusual tombak nickel example. “FURCHLOS UND TREW” motto and Coat of arms to centre. V.G.C.. £88
N133 WW1 GROUP OF MEDALS ETC. TO SAXON SOLDIER - Lovely collection of one mans items. Comprising, iron cross 2nd class, Hindenburg cross, black wound badge, buttonhole ribbons, ribbon bar, photo in uniform (showing him wearing ribbon bar) and urkunde showing his medal entitlement. 7 items in total. £120 SOLD
N132 INSIGNIA FOR TROPICAL HELMET - Near mint un-issued set of sun helmet insignia for the trophelm. All pins present. £45
N131 HITLER WALL PLAQUE - Nice detail. Steel construction on original light coloured wood backing plate. Possibly beech. Hanging hook present. Approx. 9 inches tall. V.G.C.. £98  SOLD
N130 GLASS ADOLF HITLER HOLOGRAM PENDANT - Nice condition glass hologram type pendant. Approx. 1 ½ inches tall. Complete with original string. Near mint. £45
N129 WW1 WOUND BADGE WITH SCREW BACK - Rare high quality 3-piece screw back black wound badge. D.R.G.M. marked. £88
N128 SET OF THREE COURT MOUNTED MEDALS - Nicely mounted 3-medal set comprising army 4 year, Russian front and war merit with swords. Stout pin to rear. V.G.C.. £175
N126 RUSSIAN FRONT MEDAL C/W POCKET OF ISSUE - Nice example with full length original ribbon. Pocket good with maker details to rear. £55
N125 BAKELITE HITLER PLAQUE - Sharp detail very scarce plaque. Nice condition approx. 4 ½ inches diameter. £175
N124 HORSE DRIVERS BADGE - Very nice detail bronze example. Maker marked to rear “L. CHR LAUER NURNBERG & BERLIN” and “GESETZLICH GESCHUTZT”. £120
N122 GENERAL ASSAULT - Nice early war example retaining most of it’s original silvered finish. Stout pin to rear and “R.S.” maker stamp. £110
N121 LEATHER POLISH TIN C/W CONTENTS - Super scarce item. Tin nicely marked up and dated . All polish/cream present. £45 SOLD
N120 1936 OLYMPICS LAPEL BADGE - Nice condition gilt and enamel. Maker marked and “GES GESCH” good pin. £55 T
N119 GOLD WOUND BADGE - Nice “been there” example still retaining 70% of it’s original gold finish. Good stout pin. Faint maker mark. £85
N118 RAD CAP INSIGNIA - Crisp example with lovely age patina. Both prongs present to rear. £45
N117 HITLER YOUTH LAPEL BADGE - Nice worn/used example. “GES GESCH” stamp to rear. Good pin. £65
N116 DEUTCHESLAND ERWACHE MEMBERS POCKET WATCH HANGER - A superb early item. approx. 5 inches long. Brass fittings. c/w sprung clip for hanging it from a pocket watch chain. £110
N115 BOXED GOLD WOUND BADGE AND MINIATURE - Super set. Good gold wound badge with almost all finish remaining. Very light rubbing to high points of swastika. numbered "30" to rear. Miniature good with some loss of gold finish through use. Sharp detail. Maker marked "B & NL" to rear knurled pin. Both housed in excellent deluxe case.
£220 SOLD


N112 FLAK BATTERY IDENTITY DISC WITH NECK STRING & LEATHER POUCH - Nice example of what is probably a Hitler Youth members I.D. disc. Nice clear lettering on aluminium disc. Original neck string and leather carrying pouch. £75


N108 HITLER WARTIME PHOTO - A super sleeper item from NSDAP Hitler Youth headquarters in Hamburg in 1945. Aapprox. 8 by 10 inches. V.G.C. £45  SOLD
N107 Polish medal of valour. Scarce ww2 award in V.G.C.. Original ribbon. £95


N106 HILTER WINTER HELP THANKS BADGE - Nice example for Gau Westfalen - Nord. 1933-34. Maker marked "PAULMANN & CRONE - LUDENSCHEID" & "GES GESCH". Most finish remaining.


N105 SPANGE TO THE IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS. Super example. All 4 prongs present c/w original WW1 ribbon. 50% frosting at least to finish. £110


N104 STAHLHELM BUTTON - Mint condition. £28


N103 SS STEEL BELT BUCKLE - Nice “been there” example. Maker marked. £275


N102 WW1 IRON CROSS WITH POCKET - Nice example in it’s packet of issue c/w original ribbon. £65


N100 TROPICAL SLEEVE EAGLE - Nice condition, sharp detail. £90
N99 SS CAP SKULL - Skull for wear on tropical uniform. Good condition. Sharp detail. £90
N98 LUFTWAFFE GROUND ASSAULT - Good 2-piece example. Non maker marked. £225
N95 RAD BUCKLE - Nice pebbled aluminium example. Good pins. Maker marked. Some light use wear otherwise V.G.C..
£65 SOLD


N93 GERMAN RING FROM PARIS - Bought in the Ukraine, former property of SS soldier involved the invasion of France and was part of the Paris. Garrison/ Face of the ring with Eifel tower and “1940”. Big chunky ring. Piece missing from thin part.


N91 SS SKULL RING - Super ring found in the Ukraine. Large size, stamped “835”(silver). Big chunky ring, large skull. Serpent & bones shank.
£325 SOLD


N89 GERMAN COASTAL ARTILLERY BADGE - Nice sharp example. Nice toning. Marked to rear “F.L.L. - 43”. Good pin and hook.


N88 GERMAN CLOTH PILOTS BADGE - Good, honest, removed from uniform example. Some damage to edge where it’s been roughly removed. Otherwise good. Priced accordingly.


N87 SS STEEL BUCKLE - A fine example retaining most of it’s silver grey finish. Some slight rubbing to high points due to service wear. Stamped to rear 36/42 with RZM and SS marked in a circle. Correct pins and catch.
£275 SOLD


N86 SS trophelm insignia - Very good condition sun helmet insignia. Both shields retaining almost all their original paint. Prongs to rear good. Both stamped “JFS - 42”.






N85 LUGER P.08 HOLSTER MAKER MARKED & DATED - A good combat used example. Hard shell stamped to rear “NUWARTER & BUBECK STUTTGART - 1940” and “P.08”. Also with Waffenampt eagle. Leather still very stiff, buckle and strap good. Rear belt loops possibly replaced? Cracking example.


N81 SS 4-YEAR SERVICE MEDAL - Nice example with dark toning/. Correct teardrop suspender. Original ribbon. Scarce.


N79 VOLKSSTURM BELT BUCKLE - Rare item being an army steel belt buckle superimposed with WW1 veterans cap eagle. Maker marked.
£75 SOLD


N77 TANK DESCRUCTION SLEEVE BADGE - Nice example of the award for single handed destruction of a tank.


N76 FREIKORPS FIELD DECORATION - One of the most beautiful awards from Hitlers Germany. Star sharped Feld - Ehrenzeichen with white enamel inlay and centre with image of German soldier wearing full fighting order. Back inscribed. Good pin. Lovely example.


N75 SS BELT & BUCKLE - Very good condition SS belt. Silver/grey washed steel O/R’s belt buckle still retaining most it’s finish. RZM and SS marked as well as code and date “155/43”. No rust to back and most finish remaining. Belt nice and supple and still with most of it’s early war shiny finish. Waist 32”. Reputedly vet bring back after liberation of concentration camp according to original vendor.


N73 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS IN POCKET OF ISSUE - Nice issued example c/w original ribbon and blue packet of issue. £105
N72 LUFTWAFFE RECONAISSENCE BAR - Super example by C.E. JUNCKER - BERLIN. Almost all finish remaining. £395 SOLD
N70 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS - Near mint condition with original ribbon. £78
N68 DAMJANSK SHIELD - Very sharp example. C/w paper backing & backing cloth. £265
N67 IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS SCREW BACK - Super concave example. Maker marked L/18. £265
N66 IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS - V.G.C. with nice age patina. £195
Super example of this very scarce award, one of only 24,204 awarded to all arms of service. Second pattern with hollow “DOUGHNUT” types rivets. Some light service wear otherwise A.1.. Owners initials scratched to rear but indistinct. Maker marked to inside of pin “20” which would indicate maker to be “C.F. ZIMMERMAN - PFORZHEIM”. No enamel damage other than some very light scratches to swastika. Commensurate with being worn.
£1050 SOLD


N61 SS MACHINE EMBOROIDERED SLEEVE EAGLE - Good example small tear below wing where removed from tunic from deceased vets estate.

£ 85 SOLD


N60 SS OFFICERS COLLAR TAB - High quality example acquired from deceased vets estate.

£ 250 each SOLD


N33 SILVER KRIM RING - Pinky size, square faced ring with Krim award shield image to face and 1943 and J.W. to sides. Owners initials to inside. Nice condition, scarce item.

£ 120


N20 - WW1 MACHINE GUN REG. SLEEVE BADGE - Very scarce item. Metal machine gun surrounded by oval ribbed circle on original field grey cloth. Backing plate with all pins present. Maker marked “ C.E. JUNKER - ALTT JACOB STR. 13 “- BERLIN “ Measures three and quarter by two and half inches.

£ 225


N18 H.J. - 5 piece armband. Good condition. No damage. Nice example.

£ 75 SOLD


N17 SA ARMBAND - Nice example still with most of RZM label. 4 pin holes at corners where it’s been pinned up with drawing plus otherwise bang on.

£ 68


N16 HIGH QUALITY PARTY ARMBAND - Wool body no moth or damage. 4 piece construction.

£ 125



£ 25 EACH

N8 WWI JAGER. REG. 108 FIGURE – 13 inches high. Marble base, spelter figure. Good detail, full marching order. Signed Hans. Leuner. No damage.

                                                                                                £ 325    


N4 AFRIKA CUFF TITLE – Correct soft doeskin type material. Good, no moth or damage.

£220 SOLD

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